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Funny-Shit.com - Top File Ratings
Rating Title
8.6148Lost File
8.3701A boxed penis
8.3573Hut 1, Hut 2, Hut 3
8.2264Tee Shirt - I Survived
8.1750Islam For Dummies
8.1591Girl that every man dream of!..
8.0550How to Push a Ford F-150
8.0014Afternoon Delight
7.9473stone age trouble
7.8998Tyra Banks Camel Toe
7.8607Priceless - Slipped lips
7.8533ALF or one from muppet show?..
7.7389Bill Clinton - The Porker..
7.6626Beach Fun
7.6404Body paint
7.6204Body paint
7.5747Optical Illusion - Find The Nike's..
7.5699Date Boy #15
Rating Title
8.7459CamelToe II
6.9397Cameltoe song
6.5237Chris Rock - How Not To Get Your As..
6.4869Dream job
6.4824Butt Nut Buster
6.3876Fainting goats
6.2910Night Vision Movie
6.2886The day after
6.2706Budweiser - The Snowball Fight..
6.2473Sydney Moon
6.2453HUGE HUGE Wave
6.2432Can't perform the US anthem..
6.2425Titties n' Beer
6.2350Runaway caravan
6.2189Magic F-18 Ride
6.2032Beaver's Restaurant
6.1910Redneck DUI Stop
6.1465Web Cam Surprise
6.1144SNL - Terrorism
6.1094Blaupunkt x-rated commercial..

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Misc Filez 
Rating Title
7.4592Body sculpture
6.4892Female drivers
6.1793He said - she said
6.1681Is windows a virus
6.1364Q and A
6.1236The Business Trip
6.0797Blond InTraffic
6.0216Top 10 reasons
6.0155Nice playboy catalog!
5.9892Jose Canseco's Ex
5.9663101 things not to do in bed..
5.9470Take a photo of yourself!..
5.9391ASCI porn movie
5.9098Soccer supporters
5.8955Perfect 10
5.8814Brazil girls
5.8810Men and lycra
5.8724Empire state building winds..
5.8720Hurrican Katrina pps.
Sound Files 
Rating Title
6.5288Bob & Tom (Tim Wilson)
6.5238Georges answering machine..
6.4719Simpsons sound clip
6.3554Rodney Carrington
6.2609Jimmy Stewart parody
6.2537OB-GYN Answering Machine
6.2405Italian man
6.2210Horse Race Divorce
6.2016Camel Toe
6.1685The new sound
6.1620Billy Connolly - Ivan The Terrible..
6.1463My car won't work
6.0750Hippies are welcome to my home..
6.0652Healthcare center
Sexy Girls 
Rating Title
9.6538Hot Pink Tush
9.4432Kerry Marie
9.3000Just The Beginning
9.2087Tuck a Buck
9.2083Pool gathering
9.1042The Patriot 2
9.0000World Cup Germany Babe
8.9863Marna Davis 2
8.9554Rear Position
8.9321GOOOOOOOO Bucks!!!!!
8.8857Wet Pink
8.8504Karrie Jacobs
8.8182Jeannette Kizirian
8.8059Morena Deliciosa Demais
8.7683Amy Baker
8.7578Babe Perfection
8.7566Patio Babe
8.7564Valentine Vaughn

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